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Alcohol-Related Costs

  • The total cost of grog related harm in the Northern Territory, is about $642 million per year.
  • In total, $91.4 million dollars is the cost associated with alcohol-related crime in the Northern Territory.
  • It is estimated that up to $108 million dollars per year could be saved in the NT by using Alcohol Management Plans to reduce the amount of grog consumed.

Overall Alcohol Consumption

  • If the NT was a country, we would rank as the SECOND HIGHEST grog drinkers per person in the world. Australia ranks at number 32.*
  • Territorians drink grog at ONE AND HALF times the national average.*
  • Adults in the NT drink 15.1 litres of pure alcohol each year. This equals 876 cans of Full Strength Beer per person, per year for the entire adult population of the NT.*
  • The Government has introduced alcohol management plans to limit the harm that alcohol causes. This includes restrictions on the purchase of grog products.

More Information

* Based on World Health Organisation Statistical Information System (WHOSIS) 2008 – litres of pure alcohol per person over the age of 14 years.

Alcohol-Related Harm

  • Alcohol-related deaths in the Northern Territory are THREE times the National Average
  • Alcohol-related hospital admissions in the Territory are more than DOUBLE the Australian average
  • In 48% of the road deaths that occurred in the Northern Territory, the driver had an illegal blood alcohol content (BAC):
    1. Anything above 0.00% BAC for learner and p plate drivers is illegal
    2. Anything above 0.05% BAC for unconditional licensed drivers is illegal
  • 58.7% of Northern Territory police work is dealing with alcohol-related issues (equivalent to 146 incidents a day, on average).

Domestic Violence & Neglect

  • Families with members that have a drinking problem are more likely to experience financial hardship, due to work absences and excessive spending.
  • Where money is spent on excessive alcohol, there is often less money for food, housing, electricity, clothing, health, education and leisure activities...
  • Two in three of all domestic violence incidents in the Northern Territory are alcohol-related. Last year, 3449 alcohol related domestic violence offences were reported to the police.

More Information
NT quarterly Crime & Justice Statistics Issue 32 to 30 June 2010-12-06
DV & Alcohol Related Assaults to June Quarter 2010-12-06

Social Health

  • Across the Territory last year there were 54,000 incidents of people taken into police protective custody or sobering up shelters due to alcohol misuse. That‘s 147 people per day.
  • Problem-drinkers are people who, through moderate to excessive consumption of grog:
    1. Commit alcohol-related crime
    2. Are involved in anti-social behaviour
    3. Cause harm to themselves or others
  • 60% of all assaults that happen in the NT are grog-related

More Information
NT quarterly Crime & Justice Statistics Issue 32 to 30 June 2010-12-06
DV & Alcohol Related Assaults to June Quarter 2010-12-06

Physical Health

  • Liver disease, road accidents and suicide are the top THREE causes of death relating to drinking grog.
  • There are no safe levels to drink grog while pregnant. Drinking grog while breastfeeding is also unsafe.
  • There is no safe level of alcohol consumption for young people, as brain development continues until the early 20s.

Economic Health

  • In the NT the total amount spent treating grog related illness is $4,197 per person compared to $934 per person for the rest of Australia.
  • The cost of drinking grog on our workforce in the NT is about $174. million dollars per year.
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